Sunday, September 19, 2010

Around the corner


“Mom!  Come look, a hot air balloon”!

“yes, I’ve seen them before”.

“not THIS close”!

“ok, let’s go see.”

neighborhoodballoon (683x1024)

Yes, that’s impressive and close, but not THAT close….

But wait, look at THAT.  That IS close.  That’s around the corner close.  That was so close that while they were blowing it up, it started to lean toward us and I was thinking, should we move? 

Turns out that it was this young mans maiden voyage alone- which is a requirement before flying commercially. 

what (1024x683) getset (683x1024) gettingready (683x1024) maidenjourney2 (683x1024)maidenjourney1 (1024x683)  maidenjourney (736x1024) 

and he’s off.  His poor mamma with tears and a smile.

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