Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Field Trip of the year

Apples and Alpacas.  They could also have added:  ducks, geese, honey, and soap.  This is an amazing woman.  She runs it by herself now as her husband isn’t able to do much and boy is she something.  And nice!
Her geese and ducks- they get put in pens at night to keep them safe.  Here she just let them all out.
duckgooseIMG_0412 One of her hives.  She use to have more, but they got some “thing” and couldn’t find their way back to the hives.
The apple orchard- YUMMY.
IMG_0418 IMG_0426 IMG_0428 IMG_0435
One of 3 dogs that thinks he’s an alpaca and helps to keep them safe.
IMG_0462  prettygirl CUTE
Hailey got to lead around Tough Stuff. 
alpacawalk babyalpaca IMG_0483 
The store has all kinds of alpaca goods, as well as her other items.
We had a great time.

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