Friday, January 28, 2011

BEST field trip EVER

OK.  This was the BEST field trip ever.  Two days (who gets to do that?!)  AND Aunt Nancy as a chaperone.  It was crazy and fun and exhausting, and well, just see.
First we went to the Butterfly house after arriving in STL.  GORGEOUS. 
No, these are NOT butterflies.  They are roaches.  Look at That!  She’s even smiling.  Yuck.    She’ll learn.
There are between 1500 and 2,000 butterflies at the butterfly house.  Here are 2.  I have more, but really do you want to see them all?  These are my two favorite.  And it’s so hot and steamy in there that my lens kept getting steamed up. 
Like this.  See the hazy film over it?  That’s condensation on my lens.
And now it’s gone.  I must have wiped the lens right before these.  Look, he’s trying to catch a butterfly on his cast. 
This was in the theater.  It was educational.  But very creepy.  Look at that!
And then I saw this and it looks kinda like that spider wants to eat my child.  Of course, I just took a picture.  I couldn’t stand to look at that spider.  I would be freaking out if I were him.  I’m MUCH farther back though so that’s good. 
Tomorrow I will post our AWESOME Eagle spotting adventure the next morning.  WOW!! 

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