Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I want to take the kids skiiing, but I cringe at spending $$ when they’ve never been.  What if they hate it?  What if they’re horrible at it?  What if it’s too cold?  What if they’re toes are freezing off?  I know the complaints- I used them.  So, we decided to give them a taste at home. 

Our OLD skis, freshly polished with wax, er,  Endust furniture polish – it actually works!!  In case you run out of ski wax in your home…


Yes, this is Blake.  and yes, that’s Opa’s old glove on his one arm b/c his gloves won’t fit over the cast.  And yes I let him ski down a 5 ‘ incline with a broken arm.   Please don’t judge me on that alone. 


Look at him go! 


The best way back up the hill?  Opalator!! You just sit back and grin.


Look at that stance.  And that HUGE glove!!  You know what he reminds me of?  A crab.  One of those fiddler crabs with the one large claw to defend himself. 

And Hailey had a go too. 



Getting some tips before braving the slight incline on skis.  She didn’t’ have that huge claw to protect herself with you know.

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Kim said...

Love it! Your kids are so brave!