Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday am Eagle Watching

We spent the night and went swimming in the hotel and then Thurs. am we went to see the Eagles in Alton, Ill.  They come here in the winter because the river isn’t frozen over and they can fish. 
This was the first Eagle evidence that we saw.  It’s an old nest though but pretty large considering how high up and far away it was. 
That’s what we’re looking for!  Dark blogs in trees.  Unfortunately you can’t get very close, but that’s probably good too.  They are very well protected so you errr on the side of caution and stay back. 
Here’s another!!
And with a decent camera that picture can turn out pretty well!
Look!  Dark blobs.
They are pretty and it’s fun to go out eagle spotting. 
That’s a big eagle!  Kid-sized in fact. 
And then you drive down along the river toward the ferry.  We saw these two catching a ride on a chunk of ice down the river.  Looks like one’s got something. 
The ferry wasn’t supposed to be running but it is!  Yeah for us.  Brrrr for those poor men.
And then the eagle perched in a close tree took off.  Of course, I didn’t catch him right when he took off which was an awesome sight, but I caught up with him. 
It’s also fun to ride the ferry.  Especially when there’s ice in the river. 
“Mom, what if I fell in right now?  Would you jump in after me?” ….. there is a life preserver tied to the side of the boat….
But with that green cast I think he’d sink like a rock, so yeah, I’d jump in after you.
Goodbye ferry man.  Thanks for the ride. 

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