Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thursday City Museum Fun

If you haven’t gone to the City Museum in STL, GO!!!  wow.  It’s FUN.  It’s like they took a bunch of kids dreams and just made the scenes.
Driving up to it you don’t know what to expect.  It’s crazy.  In the winter with ice out here though the kids and parents are all inside. 
It starts out on the first floor with ocean animals and an underwater wonderland….
There’s this crazy huge slinky tunnel and that poor guy getting his nose stepped on everytime…. it’s all very organic feeling.  See that metal wall behind them there?  Those are the old metal lunch tubs you got served lunch out of at school.
I don’t know what the ceiling here is made of…. some kind of paper material cut into strips and tied to wire cage. 
This slide is made up of the rollers used in factories…. this use to be a factory I think.  You’ll see these used again soon. 
That’s to the left.  Up there is where to get something to eat and have the owners adorable little bug eyed dog try to beg some off of you.  He’s cute though and everyone loves him.  His name is Roofie. 
There’s a big whale stuck in here. 
And my kids in his mouth and then they run down his belly out who knows where. 
To the right shiny columns, a turtle bin with real turtles
Somewhere back there is this tree nest thing.  Not sure how you get there, but kids do.
I bet she’s looking for her kids.  And I bet they are in a hamster tunnel in the silvery clouds above looking down at her and laughing. 
Yes, there are kid sized tunnels running all through that ceiling.  You can hear them crawling and squeeling up there… you just can’t see them.
You can go in this shell and end up somewhere…. Warning… you might loose your kids in this place.  It’s actually a really good possibility. 
And there’s a tree trunk tunnel in here too.  I think one of those kids is mine… maybe not though.
There are wire tunnels but Hailey hates these cause they hurt your legs. 
Here’s another tunnel but I don’t know where it goes…
And a tunnel going right down into the floor.  But that’s not my kid so I’m not going in after him.  Actually even if it was my kid I wouldn’t go after him. 
Look!  A cute little froggie peaking out. 
That was on the first floor.  Let’s go upstairs.  Oh, but it wasn’t ALL of the first floor.  The coat check is really neat and there is a coy pond.
I’m not sure but I think this was in someone’s dream again.  See the lizard on this column?  He’s made entirely out of watch buckles.  and the dragonfly he’s eating.

Look at that guy.  huh.  The slide there and the railings around… remember those factory spindles?  I’m guessing they took them to elementary schools and had the kids paint them.  Not one is alike and they are very cool. 
We are now in the skateless park.  We’ve passed some museum-y things that my kids didn’t blink at. 
Someone should probably stop this kid with a broken arm running around on the inside of this dome.  But he looks so happy.

The largest pencil in the world.  It is real and works too!!  So does the huge rubber eraser. 
A huge hamster wheel.  This is not my kid with Nancy, but it’s a good picture of Nancy. 
I’m pretty sure I need one of these.  I’m also pretty sure Nancy would NOT like it.
Here I got my kids to stand somewhat still for a real museum piece. 
I’m just glad he didn’t grab her lower.
There’s a train in there and this guy takes it seriously.  He’s a hoot buy if you’re taller than the avg. 9 year old don’t even try to get on. 
The largest pair of mens briefs.
Aint that right?  I wish I could show you a pic. I took at a resteraunt on my phone… you would be AMAZED at the similarity between this picture of Blake and the other (where he’s not behind a monkey mask and yet still looks EXACTLY like this). 
There was a lot more museum stuff like preserved animals and parts and skeletons and skins and doorknobs and stuff on that floor.
And then somewhere (I don’t know where at this point) is the 10 story slide.  But we’re in a 3 or 4 story building so what they mean (I think) is that if you straightened out this slide it would be 10 stories tall.  It’s in these caves somewhere…. the caves are part someone’s dream again and part left over from the factory days.
Here is my DD in the jaws of something.
This is sooo AWESOME MOM!!!!!
There’s the slide.  I think someone taped a movie in here once and these were futuristic apartments. There’s an organ.  Cause those are common in caves with slides and weird animal tentacle arms coming out of nowhere.  It was hard to take pics in here without a tripod that really do it justice but there are tunnels and holes ALL over for your kids (or you) to get lost in.  It’s GREAT- for them.

And THAT is the amazing City Museum in STL.  Don’t think I showed you half of it though b/c there’s an indoor circus (we missed the show), an art room, a huge sponge/block toddler room, it’s just indescribable. 


Darcy@SomewhatMuddledMusings. said...

That looks so cool!!! We might need to do a field trip to STL!

Balinda {RebelChick} said...

that's a wicked cool feld trip! loved the photos!