Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Take me out to the ball game!

So, the Lentz road show has begun.  That’s funny b/c  I’m going to be in the car ALL the time.  Laugh with me, it’s better than crying. 

So, Blake’s first baseball game is up:


Don’t ask, I don’t know. 


Isn’t he cute though?  He sure looks good out there. 


That’s his coach.  I’m thinking the conversation is going something like this, “he kid, do you know what you’re doing out here?” Blake, “ummm, no…. do you?”


Ray giving him a pep talk while he gets him geared up for catcher duties.  I can only imagine what Blake is saying, I’m what?  What’s that?  Oh, ok….. what does that mean?

Then Hailey’s first game is up.  She was pretty upset about having to play softball instead of baseball but I think we’ve moved beyond that now.


That’s Hailey’s team.  She is VERY excited to be no. 5.  For all of you who don’t know, that’s Pujoles’s number.  For those of you who still don’t know, he’s on the Cardinals baseball team. 


I’m not sure you can really see her face here, but I think she is snarling. 


Getting ready to bat….


And first time ever up to bat (well, third swing, but first time up) in a game.  She hits it and makes it to first (top left pic in the four-some), then she steals 2nd and then 3rd, and although it looks like she’s grinning and posing for a picture there with her coach I’m sure she’s soaking in his advice and remembers every word, and then she’s off and SCORES!!!  Is it called scoring?  She crossed home right there in the last picture.  She was sooo excited.  Her coach is AWESOME!!!  He is actually the assistant coach for the women’s softball team at Columbia College!  Oh, and her team is orange crush.  Isn’t that cute?!

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