Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Arch field trip

So, we went to the Arch in STL for a field trip this weekend.  Here we are getting in our egg getting ready to go up to the top.
Here we are getting in our egg getting ready to go up to the top.
These little windows make me nervous. The curve of the blding makes me nervous. 630 feet up makes me nervous. ALL those people up in the top of this makes me nervous. I feel like someone needs to be in charge to make sure there is equal weight distributed on the left and right sides…but they don’t.
Our wonderfully scenic family photo at the top of the arch. What?  You can’t tell we are 630 feet up in the arch?  Well,  if you look closely, you can see lighter areas of grey behind the kids.  That’s because of the light coming in those little windows behind us.  And NO, I could not have staged this photo better with the room and the people.  I’m amazed there isn’t a head bobbing up in front of us. 
My favorite picture of the arch I took all day.   There were others.  Believe me. 
The last picture taken before I slammed my camera lens first on the concrete floor of our garage several hours later.  Luckily the only damage seems to be the filter that was on.  Thank God. 

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