Thursday, January 08, 2009

Birthday Boy!

The Birthday boy!! He has had quite a day so far (and it's only just past lunchtime!). He helped me make his confetti birthday cupcakes (for tonight AND his party at preschool tomorrow- he'll have a Mater cake on Sunday). He loves to bake and said, "I'm going to be a chef...the kind that makes birthday cupcakes... for your birthday!" Ahhh yes, those kind.
Then He had a snack of gingerbread house candies, and then a lunch of corndog, egg, and apple sauce. Lunch of champions. He has made some noise makers (bells and buttons on wire) and is now working on a collage of stuff.


CT said...

I like your new blog header - but, now it goes off my screen! I have to slide the "elevator" sideways to get everything.

The picture looks like such a peaceful, fun time (moment?).

CT said...

He is SO cute! Just like the other two!